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Puppin’ Around Dog Walkers serve the Woodbridge, Cass Corridor, “Midtown”, Downtown, Mexicantown and Corktown neighborhoods of Detroit. Available from $15 per walk, we provide structured, healthy exercise in a stress-free environment for your dog. From short potty breaks to training reinforcement walks, we are your folks! Monthly packages are available at a discounted rate.

Puppin’ Around is now offering daily dog RUNNING! Most dogs should get at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise daily – meaning vigorous enough that they are panting. Our trainer will teach your dog to safely run next to a bike and take them on a run as often as you’d like- daily or a few times a week. A tired dog is a good dog :) Starting at $20 per dog per visit. Great for high-energy dogs.

Read some of our client’s testimonials here.


We offer in-home dog training in the Metro Detroit area. Training starts at $50 per session. Please contact us for a free consultation. Our training program will get your dog responding immediately and reliably to commands, as well as address any problem behaviors, such as jumping, leash lunging, fear issues, potty training, destructive behavior, and leash reactivity.

What kind of dogs do we train? See some of the Puppin’ Around Graduates here.


Do you have a friend or relative with a “bad” dog who is running their life? Wish you could help them? You can! Get them a Gift Certificate for a 6 week training course with Puppin’ Around! Great for holidays and birthdays.  What’s better than the gift of a well-trained dog? Contact us for more info!


If you live outside the city of Detroit, a gas fee may apply.

Please note that we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a scheduled service less than 48 hours in advance, a cancellation fee will apply. Fees are $15 for walks and $25 for training appointments. Thank you!

Policy Updates:  Please also note that we have changed our monthly discount policy. If you wish to receive the 10% discount for the month, you must give us your requested days and time slots within the week before the new month begins, so that we can ensure we are able to walk your dog within your preferred time slot. Payment is due at or before the first scheduled walk of the new month. Please allow a three-hour time frame in which your walker will visit your dog. We have different schedules daily so it is usually not possible to come at the exact same time every day.

We look forward to meeting you and your pup!


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